Kevin Nash Explains No Heat With Fellow WWE Alum CM Punk, Why He Keeps Mentioning Him

Kevin Nash has pulled no punches since AEW fired CM Punk earlier this month, going as far as to apologize to Waffle House for calling Punk "a short-order Waffle House cook" in a promo segment more than a decade ago. He also suggested that Punk's wrestling future will now be restricted to his appearances on "Heels" as an actor


Despite making those disparaging remarks, Nash maintains that he actually does not have heat with Punk.

"I got no heat with this guy," Nash confirmed on his "Kliq This" podcast. "I'm just f—ing around, man. After last week [Punk's firing], let's just milk this mother—er for as long as we can. We got 75,000 hits just from one right there." 

Nash also joked with his co-host Sean Oliver that they could continue making a living by just talking about the controversial Punk for the rest of their lives as content creators. 

Earlier in his podcast, Nash also encouraged WWE to bring back Punk at the Royal Rumble just so he could show up at the January PLE and confront the former AEW star. Previously, a Punk vs. Nash match was scheduled to take place at WWE's Night of Champions 2011 but got nixed after Nash reportedly suffered real-life health issues, prompting Triple H to step in and wrestle "The Second City Saint" instead. 


Upon returning from injury, Nash tried to renew his rivalry with Punk but instead entered a feud with "The Game" that culminated with a Sledgehammer Ladder match at that year's TLC event. Nash hasn't wrestled a proper singles match since a Legends Of Wrestling Entertainment event in early 2016.