Kevin Nash On The Idea Of CM Punk Appearing At WWE Royal Rumble: 'Please Do'

Like many involved or interested in professional wrestling, former WWE and WCW star Kevin Nash has some thoughts on CM Punk. Speaking on his podcast, "Kliq This," Nash followed up on comments he made regarding Punk last week. When co-host Sean Oliver brought up reports that Punk had an interest in entering the 2023 Royal Rumble while on the outs with AEW, Nash insinuated he'd like to get his hands on the former AEW star.


"Please do, motherf***er," Nash said. "I'll ask Paul [Levesque] to put me in that b***h."

Last week on his podcast, Nash stated that Punk required "mental help." He continued during this week's episode, apologizing to Waffle House for previously calling Punk a short-order cook for the diner chain. In the latest episode, Nash also referenced an August 2011 promo segment featuring Triple H and Punk, with the WWE executive tearing Punk down before going on to beat him in the pay-per-view.

"Paul said, 'Yeah, go f*** yourself,' and he beat him," Nash continued. "After Undertaker beat him, after everybody else. Everybody just beats the f***ing guy. ... Thank God that he's got the Duffy Wrestling League in Duffy, Georgia on the show 'Heels.'" According to Nash, that's how Punk fans will be able to continue following the performer.


'No Upside' To Punk In WWE

As far as a return to WWE, Nash doesn't actually see it in the cards. The former NWO member feels that Punk has already squandered any opportunity he had in the business, putting him right alongside one other notorious former WWE star.


"He's already put himself on the mantle right next to the Ultimate Warrior," Nash said. "[You're] sucker punching Luke Perry's son. You're lucky f***ing old man Spelling ain't around. He'd have you f***ing murdered." Nash was referring to powerful Hollywood producer Aaron Spelling, creator of "Beverly Hills 90210," which starred the late Luke Perry among others.

Nash was adamant that there was "no upside" for WWE to hire Punk. On top of that, the WWE Hall of Famer believes Punk doesn't need the money, which would seemingly make him less likely to conform to WWE's way of doing things. At a different point in the podcast, Nash made it clear that he was simply discussing Punk because it's the hot topic at the current moment.


"You know I got no heat with this guy," Nash stated. "After last week, the f***ing numbers we got, f*** it, right? Let's just milk this motherf***er as long as we can."