AEW's Nyla Rose Offers Terms To 'Group Of A**holes' Waiting At Airport For Autographs

Nyla Rose is the latest AEW star to address the annoying wrestling fans who hang out at airports waiting for the talent to arrive in the hopes of getting autographs. However, she is willing to sign things for them, provided that they meet her demands. The former AEW Women's World Champion took to Twitter earlier and revealed what it's going to take to get her to sign anything for fans of this ilk moving forward.

"From now on if you are a group of a**holes lurking at the airport at 5:30 in the morning waiting on autographs, I ain't signing s**t unless you have a coffee for me and you hit the Nana and let me record it... it's only fair."

In a follow-up Twitter post, Rose said that the fans who approach her under these circumstances are only interested in selling the autographs afterward. They want to profit off someone else's name and likeness, which creates an awkward situation for sincere fans as they're hesitant to approach their favorite stars as their intentions might be misinterpreted. However, Rose is willing to talk to her true supporters.

"I can't speak for anyone else but if it's a genuine chance encounter and you see me out somewhere, by all means come say hi. I'm happy to sign the thing or take the picture... forever blessed and greatful to do so..."

MJF recently criticized insufferable fans like the ones Rose is referring to. The AEW World Champion said that these types of fans are too poor to go to the shows. He also called them "scum," which is why they hang out in airports looking to grab autographs and sell them afterward.