Speculation On WWE Cost-Cutting Plans Based On Endeavor's UFC Acquisition

As noted on Thursday, WWE President Nick Khan sent out a company-wide memo asking corporate employees to work remotely on Friday due to "workforce reductions." This comes in the wake of Endeavor officially merging WWE and UFC to form TKO earlier this week.


Dave Meltzer noted in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel is looking to cut $50 million to $100 million in costs in WWE to increase profitability. UFC went through extensive layoffs in 2016 when Endeavor acquired the company, and it's expected that WWE will suffer the same fate. It was also noted that Emanuel previously stated that there would be no underestimating TV rights and sponsorship potential.

While WWE's on-screen product may not look much different in the near future, it's the behind-the-scenes that will see potentially massive changes. There's a thought that WWE creative and talent would go unaffected, but Meltzer reminded readers that UFC employees were also told things that didn't turn out to be true. It's currently being labeled a "wait-and-see" situation.


PWInsider has already reported the releases of Jamie Horowitz, Executive Vice President of Development and Digital, and Catherine Newman, Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing. Haus of Wrestling reported on Thursday that talent releases from both the main roster and "WWE NXT" are expected at some point, but it was not clear whether those would also happen this week.