Al Snow On The Two Purposes Wrestlers Serve As Performers & Dichotomy Of The Industry

Professional wrestling may be an inherently selfish business, but Al Snow asserts that wrestlers have a duty to not only serve themselves but to also boost their colleagues as well. During an upcoming exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc., Snow further explained the dichotomy of the industry.

"Quite honestly, those are the only two things that as a performer you serve a purpose. Your purpose is either you are the thing that sells the tickets and motivates an audience to watch TV and buy merchandise, or you're one of the things that help," Snow said. "There is no third option in wrestling. And in the real struggle, especially as you ascend up the ladder, is that you're only as good as the last time you performed, and you're always being evaluated and judged on your ability to do one of those two things. And you better be able to deliver or you're not going to get many opportunities to do it."

While many wrestlers strive for and are driven by dreams of being in the main event, Snow points out that such an objective can't be achieved without the aid of others. That's why, to him, finding a balance between the aforementioned purposes is imperative. "You need the whole show to be a star," Snow said. 

With more than 40 years of experience in the business, Snow has seen plenty throughout his career to lend such an idea credence. Now, he's lending his knowledge to the next generation of professional wrestlers as a co-owner of Ohio Valley Wrestling, subject of the new Netflix docu-series "Wrestlers."

Stay tuned to Wrestling Inc. for the full Q&A with Al Snow. Wrestlers is now available to stream on Netflix.