Kris Statlander Defends AEW TBS Title Beating Britt Baker As Julia Hart Watches

Last night on "AEW Rampage," Kris Statlander successfully defended her TBS Title against former champion, Jade Cargill. Coming off the victory over a departing Cargill, the AEW TBS Champion faced another top-notch challenger: former AEW Women's World Champion, Dr. Britt Baker, DMD. The bout marked the first time that a women's title match was in the main event of "AEW Collision."

With the match taking place in Baker's home state, the crowd was clearly behind the challenger from the very beginning. The match was fairly even in the early going. At one point, it appeared as though Statlander landed awkwardly and perhaps injured her knee, but she later delivered a suplex reminiscent of Davey Boy Smith, thereby eliminating concerns that the champion was seriously injured. With the crowd chanting "DMD," Statlander ascended the ropes and missed a moonsault. 

Baker then went on offense and worked on the knee that appeared to be injured earlier in the match. Later, Baker put on her infamous glove and attempted to go for the lockjaw mandible claw, however, Statlander fought back and escaped before Baker was able to apply the hold. Statlander charged at Baker who moved and Statlander subsequently hit the turnbuckles with her knee. Baker then hit the Canadian destroyer, angel wings, and the curb stomp before nearly pinning the champion. However, Baker continued to bring the offense and eventually put on the lockjaw mandible claw. While still in the lockjaw mandible claw, Statlander maneuvered the challenger into a pinning position and scored the victory. Following the victory, Julia Hart was seen watching from the audience as Statlander helped Baker up to her feet and the two shook hands.