Ricky Starks To Face Bryan Danielson In A Texas Death Match On Next Week's AEW Collision

Earlier this evening on "AEW Collision," Ricky Starks scored a tag team victory over Bryan Danielson. However, that victory is apparently not enough for Starks. Later in the show, he was interviewed by Tony Schiavone and he indicated that he wanted more. Stating that he was "beyond exhausted" at how the company promotes Danielson and Zack Sabre Jr., whom he referred to simply as "a guy that doesn't even work here," Starks said that he wanted to become Danielson's nightmare and face him in a Texas Death match.

The Texas Death match will take place on next week's episode of "AEW Collision." Starks says he plans on going to lengths he has never gone to before and that he will be putting an "end to this whole fiasco that's known as Bryan Danielson." In their only other match aside from tonight's tag team bout, Danielson defeated Starks. That bout held at the All Out pay-per-view event on September 3 was also one with special rules as it was a Strap match.

Since the debut of "AEW Collision," Starks has been a focal point. He has already appeared in four out of the 14 main events of the show's short history, which is particularly impressive given that he was also suspended from in-ring activity for 30 days following his attack on WWE Hall of Famer, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. During his 30-day suspension, Starks managed Big Bill who continues to accompany him in all of his appearances.