Arn Anderson Says There's More To Booking Than "Just Writing Names Against Names"

On the latest episode of Arn Anderson's podcast, "ARN," the occasional AEW manager discussed the 1993 WCW Slamboree event. While speaking about the event, he brought up the match between then WCW World Heavyweight Champion Vader and then at the time, the newest arrival to the promotion, Davey Boy Smith. The discussion of the match led to Anderson noting how he thinks promoters should put more thought into the matches. 


"You got to position them right," said Anderson. "You know, walk into the door, just writing names. You know, we've talked about this before Paul, you know, if you're going to book like a live event, just writing names against names, it's not going to help you," said Anderson. "You've got to have personal issues and that was the key when you bring a Davey Boy Smith in [to WCW], you got to give him an angle that works for him." 

Smith ended up winning the match via DQ, after Vader hit him with a chair. Anderson wasn't too keen on the booking decision, saying that there was no momentum. 

"Yeah, but he [Davey Boy Smith] just got there, you need to get him some momentum, and you know how you get momentum, get some wins," said Anderson. "Don't just put him in a match, you're going to have a DQ right off the get-go." 


Anderson later added that he didn't think there were talks to ever have the late wrestler become WCW Champion. Slamboree took place in May of 1993, while Smith made his debut with the promotion months earlier in February at Superbrawl III. 

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "ARN" with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.