Davey Boy Smith is set to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame next month ahead of WrestleMania 37. Ahead of the big weekend, the British Bulldog’s daughter, Georgia Smith, reminisced about her father’s legendary career.

Speaking with Wrasslinews, Georgia Smith revealed her favorite match of her dad’s is his career-defining contest against Bret Hart in the main event of Summer Slam 1992.

“This is probably gonna sound cliché butSummer Slam’92, just because I believe that was my dad’s, like that was his moment,” Georgia said. “You know, he and Bret sold it out in like 10 hours which has never been done before, never been done again. The fact that it was in England, I was there live for it, and just the whole story around it, the time, the era. It was just such a prestige moment and I wish now I could go back.. like my age now, and see it live but I’m just so grateful that you know, I got to experience this and see my dad, who was only 29 then. It was magic and I think the more as time goes on, the more like that match is brought up about. It’s not a cult classic, but over time it’s getting better and better.”

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the WWE Hall of Fame will take place inside the virtual WWE ThunderDome this year. Georgia says she wishes her family could attend, but she’s still excited for the event.

“I just wish that my dad’s family in England could fly out for it,” Georgia said. “I wish we had an audience but you know, this is the circumstances and I’m just… I’m anticipating this. I am so excited but I’m also stressed out because I’m like, this is happening and I feel like I’m not in shape so (laughs).”

Speaking of the Hall of Fame, Georgia noted that she will be in attendance, alongside her brother and her mom.

“Yeah! You will see me, you’ll see Harry, you’ll see my mom,” Georgia said. “She’s going to come down for it, so it’s going to be really good!”

Aside from the squared circle, Georgia said her father loved traveling and even briefly flirted with an acting career.

“He loved like motorcycles, he liked nice cars, he loved traveling, I think he wanted to get his pilot’s license, he wanted to open up a gym, he wanted to open up a wrestling school. He was looking into it very seriously, looking at different buildings to open up a school at. He wanted to break into acting a bit, do stunt work and he was like ‘hey you could throw me through a glass window, I don’t care.”

The Smith family was interconnected with the Harts for just about their entire wrestling careers, both as friends and as foes. The families had a near 15 year storyline against Vince McMahon culminate at WrestleMania 26, when Bret Hart defeated the WWE Chairman. While the storyline was emphasized, Georgia recounted Bret delivering some legitimate strikes to Vince.

“I just remember my mom when Bret was hitting Vince, it was like he was legitimately hitting him!” Georgia said. “Like he was getting out all of his [frustrations]. So when my mom, when you see her and she’s like, ‘No! I was like terrified!’ She was like, ‘I was just like ‘Oh my God!’”

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