Why Jim Ross Says No One Brings More Skills To Pro Wrestling Than Paul Heyman

Jim Ross has been in the wrestling business for a while now. As such, he's seen many talented people come and go during his career. However, the AEW announcer believes that Paul Heyman has the most impressive skillset of anyone who's ever been part of the industry, which he spoke about during a recent episode of "Grilling JR."

According to Ross, Heyman is versatile and has a deep knowledge of the business. Furthermore, he's adaptable and capable of taking on various roles, a quality that Ross believes made him easy to teach early on in his career. Ross then went on to praise Heyman for having sponge-like qualities that make him pick up information instantly.

"He was such a high intellect in general that you didn't have to tell him all the answers... He understood the game. He didn't have all the answers because he had not encountered those conundrums... Once he went through the rotation one time he was very, very special."

Of course, Ross and Heyman have had some disagreements in the past. He recalled Heyman always being strong-minded when they did commentary together, so working with him wasn't always smooth sailing as they'd butt heads. At the same time, they also played off each other very well, with Ross noting that their best work was ad-libbed. Overall, it's safe to say that the AEW announcer is a fan of his former colleague, with Ross previously stating that Heyman belongs in the WWE Hall of Fame.

If you use quotes from this podcast, please credit "Grilling JR" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.