Why Eric Bischoff Calls WWE's LA Knight A 'Massive Star In The Waiting Room'

LA Knight has been the man on everyone's lips lately in the wrestling world, with the "WWE SmackDown" star receiving some of the biggest ovations in the company. Eric Bischoff made it clear he thinks Knight is a big name for the future of WWE during "83 Weeks," but according to him, Knight isn't the man WWE should focus on right now.

"I think LA Knight is going to end up being a massive star, [but] not yet. He's a big star, he's a huge star, but he's not as big as he's going to be in the future," Bischoff said. "He is a massive star in the waiting room." The reason why Bischoff thinks Knight is in the waiting room rather than being the top name is simply because he sees two people clearly ahead of him in the pecking order. One of which is Roman Reigns, who Bischoff believes is the man right now in WWE, and he also sees Cody Rhodes as #2 on the roster at the moment.

"Cody is the future of the WWE over the next 24 to 36 months for sure. What happens after that, who knows? Injuries, other opportunities, other stars that come out of the woodwork, kind of like LA Knight has, who knows what the future is," Bischoff said. "I would imagine most of the planning and conversations are all around Cody and what's going to happen at WrestleMania." However, Knight might end up coming out of Bischoff's self-proclaimed waiting room sooner than he expects, as there have been reports that he is in line for a 'mega push' due to his highly rated segments and impressive merchandise sales.

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