Kris Statlander On Trying To Keep Her AEW Character Balanced

Kris Statlander is currently enjoying the biggest run of her AEW career as the TBS Champion, but is still working on finding the right balance with her character. Fans have seen her work as an alien, then later become very serious during her original return from injury. However, now she is showcasing a new side of herself that is blending everything she's done to date.

"I came back and I feel like now in this version of Kris that has come back from injury a second time and has gone through super fun alien and very serious. I feel like we are trying to find the balance of a good in-between of a fun, very cool awesome person that can also be serious when she needs to be," she told "Under The Ring."  Statlander might be more focused now than during her alien gimmick, which has let fans connect to her even more, but she has still showcased the fun side of herself that got her over in the first place. Her recent decision to channel her inner Zoolander by busting out her own version of Blue Steel at All Out being an example of that, with having fun in wrestling being important to her.

"I feel like a lot of people feel that way, but that is kind of who I am. I can't be too serious all the time because that's just not fun, and I like having fun, and I like laughing and making people laugh," Statlander explained. "I'm in a group with the Best Friends, and they're all a group of goofballs also, so it's hard not to have fun when you're with them."

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