Sean 'X-Pac' Waltman On WWE Return Promo That Got Him Sued & Hilarious Deposition

When Sean Waltman returned to WWE in 1998, newly-christened "X-Pac," the former NWO member mentioned the names of his Kliq compatriots, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, saying they would have joined him too if not for "being held hostage by WCW." The promo got Waltman sued.


"I got deposed for that," Waltman told "Insight" host Chris Van Vliet. "The deposition was classic." According to Waltman, the attorney for WCW combed through the promo with a fine-toothed comb, looking for some kind of verbal trap to ensnare Waltman.

"So I'm sitting in the deposition ... [the lawyer for WCW] goes, 'Why did you say Kevin Nash and Scott Hall would be right there with you if they weren't being held hostage by WCW?'" Waltman recounted. "I said, 'Well I was talking to Kev the night before and he told me it would be a good idea if I said that.'" Waltman chuckled as this answer drew the ire of the opposing counsel. 

"'What do you mean s*ck it?'" Waltman said they asked, with the former WWE European Champion gruffly responding, "What do you think it means?" 


The Hall of Famer is grateful for his time in both the NWO as well as D-Generation X, recently saying that while he feels DX has a slight edge, it's hard to choose which legacy he's more proud of.

"You still see those [NWO shrts] everywhere," Waltman said in a recent interview. "But then you go and look at someone like Derrick Lewis, who does the [crotch chop DX pose] after he's knocking somebody out." Waltman was inducted into the Hall of Fame in back-to-back years, first with D-Generation X in 2019 and NWO a year later