Why Former WWE Announcer Hugo Savinovich Says The Best Was To Come With Eddie Guerrero

During an appearance on the "K100 w/ Konnan and Disco" podcast, former WWE Spanish commentator Hugo Savinovich discussed what the future could have held for the late Eddie Guerrero. The WWE Hall of Famer died in November 2005.


"Not only did we miss some great years ahead of him, but I think that the best was yet to come," Savinovich said. "Because I think creatively, would he have gone full-time creatively and maybe an analyst on the Spanish shows too, I think that he would have been so productive because he had that quality of a wrestling mind.

"You know, people have good ideas, but good ideas don't necessarily make good business. A good idea in our business works when it projects the right image at the right moment that it will draw your TV ratings and put a***s on the seats. I think, Eddie, we missed out on a big, huge part. I think that an analyst like him on a Spanish show and somebody of a consultant type would have been fantastic for Vince [McMahon]."


"K100" podcast co-host Konnan, who worked with Guerrero during his run with WCW, said there were no words to express what a monumental loss the former WWE Champion was. He added that Guerrero was creative in the ring and an inspiration to wrestlers all over the world. Konnan described "Latino Heat" as an "ultra, mega respectful" person. The retired wrestler said Guerrero had huge respect for the wrestling business.

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