NXT's Lola Vice Explains Hesitation To Accept WWE WrestleMania Invitation

Lola Vice is just one of many wrestlers in WWE's developmental system that the company brought in from another sport, with the "WWE NXT" star being a former MMA fighter. WWE decided to invite her to WrestleMania 38 in a bid to showcase what the company had to offer, but she revealed to "Busted Open Radio" that she didn't want to attend the event at first.  


"I didn't want to go because I knew what was going to happen," she said. "I knew I was going to see WrestleMania, and I was going to do it, I knew it. Then once I went there and I spoke to Triple H and I spoke to everyone and I just saw this beautiful production I just got goosebumps like the first time I saw MMA, and I knew this was going to be the next chapter in my life."

That ultimately led to Vice signing with WWE and making the transition to becoming a professional wrestler, and she thinks the initial coming together was a mutual decision between WWE and herself following a viral knockout she had. However, even though she was focusing on the fighting world, Vice says she always tried to brand herself, something which might have caught WWE's eye. "I've always had a vision for what my name was and I always would make the matching gear for my corner men," she said. "I think they just saw me as more than an MMA athlete, but more as an entertainer, because that's who I am at heart."


If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "Busted Open Radio" with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.