Mace And Mansoor, Aka Maximum Male Models, Released From WWE

After a brief respite from this morning's releases, another round of WWE talent layoffs is underway.

Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp is reporting that Mace and Mansoor, known lately as Maximum Male Models have been released from WWE, joining the litany of others who were let go. Both superstars seem to be taking the news in stride, with Mace sharing a photo that reads "We might be cringe, but we are free." Mansoor also took to social media to address the news, writing "My time at WWE has come to an end, but my career is just beginning," and posting a video in which he says he'll be available for bookings as of December 20, which would mean that he;s likely under a 90-day no-compete after the release.

Mace and Mansoor had seemingly found their rhythm after the former Retribution member and the proud Saudi joined forces under Max and later Maxxine Dupri, forming Maximum Male Models. While not successful in the ring, the duo's antics behind the scenes in photoshoots, including trying to coerce Otis into becoming a model, made them hilarious staples of WWE programming.