Zelina Vega Confident She Can Win Singles Title In WWE

LWO's Zelina Vega has yet to win a singles title in WWE. The inaugural Queen's Crown Tournament winner discussed her chances of becoming a champion while appearing on "WWE's The Bump," where she also reiterated her desire to win a singles belt in memory of her late father, who died in the 9/11 attacks 22 years ago.


"Of course I can become champion," Vega said. "Why not? Let me guess, because I'm short and because I've never won singles gold before? That about cover it? Well, once I take those bombs away from the people trying to come against me, it allows me to detonate mine. It seems like people forget sometimes who I am, and what I've done, and why I've done this to begin with. You're still talking to the first-ever Queen of the Ring. The first-ever, and only, female member of LWO.

"And like I said, LWO, we're about change and forcing opportunities that aren't given to people like me all the time. I feel like I have everybody in Puerto Rico that was in that arena [at WWE Backlash 2023] with me every single time I step into that ring. I know who I am, I know what I've done, I know what I've had to do to scratch and claw to get where I am."


'I'm the champion that you deserve'

"You know, I'm not one of those people who will shove cotton in my ears to black out the cries of the people that I've hurt in the past," Vega continued. "Actually, quite the opposite; I dance to it like music because that's the kind of thing that made Zelina Vega who she is today. The person that no matter how many times she's gotten knocked down, by a Rhea Ripley or a Bianca [Belair] or a Becky [Lynch] or anybody else, a Ronda [Rousey], whoever else, I'm gonna get back up ... I'm the champion that you deserve, and I will be."


Outside of winning the inaugural Queen's Crown Tournament, Vega has only captured tag team gold in her career, winning the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship (now the Impact Knockouts World Tag Team Championship) with Sarita (AEW's Sarah Stock) while performing as Rosita in 2011 and the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship with Carmella in 2021. 

Vega's most recent televised opportunity to win a singles belt came on the August 25 episode of "WWE SmackDown," where she unsuccessfully challenged IYO SKY for the WWE Women's Championship. Before that, she failed to capture the "SmackDown" Women's Championship (now the WWE Women's World Championship) from Rhea Ripley on an emotional evening at WWE Backlash 2023 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Despite that defeat, Vega, who represented her Puerto Rican heritage that night, received a standing ovation from fans in attendance.


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