WWE's Zelina Vega On Why She Continues To Wrestle, WWE Title Aspirations

There is still so much WWE Superstar and lWo member Zelina Vega knows she will accomplish in WWE, and that includes winning a women's championship to fulfill a promise to her late father. Vega spoke on "Busted Open Radio" on Monday, the 22nd anniversary of the September 11 attacks that claimed the life of her dad in New York City.


Vega told the hosts she believes she has to win a championship and there's "no reason" that she shouldn't. She explained crowds were behind her over the weekend, from a dark match on Friday, to live events on Saturday and Sunday. While she said it wasn't Backlash levels of support, she recognized and appreciated it because others behind the scenes would notice as well.

"The crowd was so, like, obviously it wasn't a Puerto Rico high, but they were so high for me. I feel like a part of it was because of [the anniversary], but it also was just them showing me that they loved me for me," Vega said. "There's just so much you [can't] ignore, other people and what they want, and I feel that if this continues that way, the decision's going to have to be forced at some point. It's just on me to keep doing what I'm doing because there's nothing else I can do. I'm going to do it for [my dad]. I know I will."


Vega still has promises to fulfill

Host Bully Ray asked Zelina Vega what has kept her going, especially following her release from WWE in 2020, outside of the paycheck. She said she started wrestling because of her father and she feels as though she still has unfulfilled promises to him. Vega said she won't feel fulfilled until she wins a championship.


"I think because I genuinely feel that it will happen, I still keep going. I have that. I have my husband who supports me so, so much. My family that do, and they were there in the crowd on ... Saturday. I just feel like I have so many reasons to look forward that I don't feel like it's complete yet and I think that's really my biggest thing," she said.

The star spoke about a moment with WWE legend Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson that was surreal to her. She said the moment was also motivating for her to keep going in her career.

"One of the things that happened that really made me feel like 'wow, this is real' was when Dwayne went to the 9/11 memorial with his daughter, Simone. When they went there and they took a picture next to his name, knowing [The Rock] was his favorite wrestler, I felt like that was such a 'wow' moment and I'm like, No, I have to keep doing this. I have to keep pushing forward.' Because I know, it's just something in me that just feels like it has to. It has to. There's no reason why not."