On the latest episode of Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Zelina Vega joined the show to talk about her involvement in the movie Fighting with My Family about former WWE Women’s Champion Paige. Vega played the role of AJ Lee in the movie and spoke about how The Rock got in touch with her to play the part.

“That was wild, to say the least,” Zelina said. “Even now I’m still blown away by it, I remember sitting in airplanes and seeing people watching it thinking that’s so weird, oh my god. It’s crazy because I told Dwayne, I remember texting him like dude I’m about to give up on literally everything wrestling. I don’t want anything to do with wrestling anymore, this is the umpteenth time WWE has said no to me, I’m over this and I don’t want to do this anymore. He’s like ‘Just give me a few days, I have something that I’m working on.’ It happened to be TakeOver and the way this played out was the weirdest thing. I’m watching Andrade’s match, I forget against who but I’m looking at his match and William Regal calls me and he’s like ‘Hey kid, do you speak spanish?’ I was like ‘Yes, why?’ He’s like ‘Actually, it doesn’t matter, I’ll call you back,’ and he hung up. Okay, um sure?

“I kind of just let it go, and then maybe an hour later Dwayne calls me and is like ‘Hey, I’ve got this opportunity for you,’ and I was like ‘This wouldn’t have anything to do with William Regal calling me would it?’ He’s like ‘No, actually, but that’s really cool.’ Right into it he just told me Paige has this documentary and he’s going into this and that in detail and how she came back and beat AJ for the title. ‘I want you to be my diva’s champion, you don’t even have to audition for the part, I know you can do it.’ I was like what? I remember I couldn’t form words, trying to form words and then crying and just going like is this for real? He’s like ‘No, I’m just calling you because I like to mess with you… of course, it’s real.’ It was a mind-blowing thing. Later on that night at 2 in the morning I’m like ‘Why did William Regal call me? That’s so weird, what was that about?’ Then we do the movie and right after that he calls me back again and he’s like ‘Okay, I think this is actually going to work.’ Oh, oh okay, it gave me an opportunity.”

Zelina Vega came back this past year after a quick time off from the company and quickly made a name for herself, becoming the first-ever Queen of the Ring at WWE Crown Jewel. Queen Zelina spoke about her relationship with The Rock and how she contacted him before she came back to WWE earlier this year.

“He was stoked,” Vega said. “It’s just funny because we can go forever without seeing each other and then when we finally do it’s like no time has passed. I just remember being so happy to see him and he’s like ‘I’m so happy you’re here, I can’t wait for you to see the movie.’ We were there to see Red Notice which is awesome and we’re going to watch it again. It was one of those things where you can just feel so happy for a person because you know how amazing of a human they are almost to a point where they are not human.

“Like you’re so good that you’re an alien, it’s cool and I’ve always had his support. Anything I’ve had a question on or even the day that I was coming back to WWE, maybe an hour before I was coming out I called him and was like ‘Hey, I’m nervous and how do I do this and how should I attack this?’ He was just giving me so many good ideas and it comes from a really good place and I’m really thankful for him.”

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