Announcer Hugo Savinovich Pans WWE & AEW's Spanish Broadcasting

During a recent episode of "K100," AAA commentator Hugo Savinovich blasted WWE and AEW's Spanish broadcast teams. This comes after AEW President Tony Khan recently cited the outlet Lucha Blog as an influence on his booking style.

"This is so ridiculous," Savinovich said. "For an aficionado, Lucha Blog, it's okay, it's like English 101, Spanish 101. But what upsets me, that's why you have WWE and AEW having the worst Spanish broadcasting. I can say it, not just because I work for AAA... So when Tony Khan says that he learned — I don't care whoever said it — just having a man who owns an NFL team, owns AEW, and has a team in England of soccer, it scares me that he would take Lucha Blog as a source of understanding first, the culture."

Savinovich continued, "I'm Spanish, but it took me two years and listening to Konnan because he was the star there and then he did the transition into a creative mind. He's done wrestling all over the world, English, Spanish, you have to learn it. I'm still learning the culture of lucha and I will keep learning because that's the way you have to do business. That's why WWE and AEW have such a sh***y Spanish industry because they don't know what the heck they're doing. They think if you can speak Spanish, you can go on a headset and talk. But it's an insult."

Savinovich recalled working AEW's first two pay-per-views and seemingly had a good experience. He noted that Khan was nice, but business-wise, it scares him that he relies on Lucha Blog.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "K100" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.