WWE's Road Dogg On Who's The Better Sports Entertainer, Him Or AEW's Adam Cole

On a weekly basis, "Road Dogg" Brian James is asked whether he's a better sports entertainer than some others across the wrestling world. Recently, it was the Young Bucks. This week, Adam Cole's name came up. 

On his "Oh, You Didn't Know?" podcast, James explained to new listeners that "wordage is very important" when it comes to the segment. He said the comparison is strictly in regards to sports entertainers — not wrestlers, announcers, or any role in between. But when asked about Cole, James gave the AEW talent his due. 

"I'm going to be honest ... he can work really good. That matters to me when I'm thinking about sports entertainers. He's really good in the ring. However, he is also – — I would argue, a lot better than me on a microphone," he admitted. "Like, his promo skills are impressive and that's that. That's that, man ... I can't say anything bad about the kid, because he's extremely respectful and professional and can say everything you want him to say in exactly the tone you want him to say it in and never curse or never cross a sponsor line or never irritate the people, never have to push the censor button on him," he added. "He's just extremely professional, respectful kid that has just [an] incredible amount of promo skills."

James did share that he thought Cole carried one negative with him: his size. But he also believes that it hasn't seemed to hold him back thus far.