WWE's Montez Ford Addresses Idea Of Storyline With Wife Bianca Belair

In the past, WWE has featured a multitude of couples on-screen who were married off. But don't look for Bianca Belair and Montez Ford to doing those ranks anytime soon. They generally prefer to work separately. That doesn't mean the idea is completely off the table. During an appearance on "The Happy Hour," Ford addressed the possibility of bringing their relationship to the forefront of a WWE storyline.


"[Our relationship is] something that we kind of just keep off onto the sidelines," Ford said. "We both respect and love our marriage and the privacy and everything. But also, keeping it off-screen does open up more doors for just individual things. She can do individual things, I can do [individual things, too]."

While Ford and Belair seem to enjoy crafting their own solo resumes, Ford is open to working with his wife in a larger capacity sometime down the line. "I will say you can't really count hope out, because I do believe that's something that could possibly happen definitely in the future. With everything that she's doing on her end and everything I'm doing on my end, I feel like we accomplish a lot of the accomplishments that we want to do. I think the last thing, or the grand thing, would be to pair up and see how much noise we can make together," Ford said.


Ford and Belair have teamed together on three occasions – including two televised mixed tag team matches alongside Angelo Dawkins. Following their last tag bout in April 2021 though, Belair has been focused on establishing herself as a singles star, while Ford continues his work in the tag team ranks as one-half of the Street Profits.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "The Happy Hour" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.