Bryan Danielson Defeats Ricky Starks In A Violent Texas Death Match On AEW Collision

Ricky Starks and Bryan Danielson turned up the heat in their rivalry tonight with a Texas Death match. The rivalry began after Starks hit Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat with a belt, leading Steamboat to bring in Danielson to wrestle Starks at AEW All Out. Danielson won that Strap match, but Starks scored the victory in last week's tag bout. Tonight's match would be the tiebreaker.


Starks quickly attacked Danielson before the bell. Soon, the action spilled into the crowd. At one point, Starks threw Danielson into the front row. When Danielson was finally able to get out of the front row, Starks dived on him from the ring sending both of them into the front row. Danielson regained control and took the match back to the ring. However, it didn't stay there very long. Back on the outside, Starks hit Danielson with the ring bell, which left him with a cut. He continued working on the cut, but also took a chair and began attacking Danielson's legs. 

Later, Starks went under the ring and found the strap from their All Out match, which he used to hit Danielson. Starks then found a chain and wrapped it around his fist before striking Danielson. He also used it in a choking manner similar to the way Danielson used the strap at All Out. However, Danielson got up before the 10 count. Starks went for a spear, but Danielson dodged and hooked on the LeBell lock while using the chain to choke Starks like he did at All Out. However, Starks powered out. Danielson delivered a high knee to a chair that was in front of Starks' face, busting open Starks who began spitting blood. He followed that up with another knee, this time wrapped in the chain, to Starks' head. Starks was unable to answer the 10 count.