Maven Isn't Ashamed He Took Steroids In WWE, Thinks They Benefited Him

While many wrestlers over the years have taken steroids, it is typically a taboo subject that isn't mentioned by people. However, Maven is breaking that mold as he has been open about the fact he took them during his time in WWE, pointing out to "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" that you can see the difference in him via photographs from the early 2000s.


"It's not something that I was the least bit upset about. I'm not ashamed of," he said. "I was in a career that that's what it took to be at the next level."

Maven confirmed that nobody ever forced him to take steroids, yet at the same time, he felt that he needed to take them to be on television. He delved into that world after breaking his leg because the former "Tough Enough" winner felt he was out of shape when he got back.

"The wrestling locker room is pretty tough on the psyche and guys were ribbing me and everything and you best believe [when] I got home I was pounding stuff immediately," he admitted. "I have no problem. I'm 46 ... What am I trying to hide? I'm not trying to pull the wool over anybody's eyes. I don't have an agenda. I'm not trying to get hired by anybody. If anything else, I just want to be honest."


Maven admitted that taking them wasn't addictive physically, but from a mental standpoint it was. Of course, nowadays WWE has its wellness policy in place to try and deter wrestlers from taking it, but the impact made Maven want to continue at the time.

"I could feel myself getting harder as I was doing it and when you feel that and then you see the results it's like, I want more of that and I don't ever want to let that go," he said."

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