Dax Harwood Addresses Critics Of FTR Wrestling 'Nobody Teams' In AEW

FTR have been defending their AEW World Tag Team Championships in open challenges during the past two episodes of "AEW Collision," but their chosen opponents have led to question marks from certain fans who have dubbed them "nobody teams." That thought process is something that Dax Harwood has fired back against on social media while sharing a clip of FTR's recent match against The Workhorsemen.


"I saw a lot of people ask "why are they wrestling these nobody teams?!" or "ANOTHER open challenge?!". The reason we're wrestling these "nobodies" is so they're somebodies when FTR isn't here anymore. That's why. Last night was a great example."

FTR successfully defended the titles in less than five minutes, which was also the case in the previous week when they competed against Iron Savages. However, while the encounters were brief they did prove to be competitive with FTR looking to help establish other teams to build up the division as a whole, as Harwood pointed out. The two teams they faced have had minimal opportunities throughout their tenure with the company, mainly being used to put over other teams, which is why people were surprised to see them get title shots.


Harwood and Wheeler will defend their titles against Aussie Open at the upcoming AEW WrestleDream PPV, who are more established than some of FTR's other recent opponents. However, whether or not Harwood and Wheeler continue to put their titles on the line until that show in open challenges remains to be seen.