Eric Bischoff Explains Why He Doesn't 'Sugarcoat' His Words When Discussing AEW

During an appearance on his "83 Weeks" podcast, former Executive Producer and Senior Vice President of WCW Eric Bischoff, who is often critical of All Elite Wrestling and AEW CEO Tony Khan on his show, responded to a fan who referred to him as "Jim Cornette for clicks."


"Sometimes, oftentimes, when I'm asked questions, I don't sugarcoat it," Bischoff said. "I'm not trying to get a job anywhere. I'm not protecting friends or family, which I do occasionally. There are certain questions that I'll go out of my way, for whatever reason, to be very careful about how I answer them. But with regard to the business of the wrestling business and my experience, good and bad, in that industry, I will answer a question if I'm asked.

"And a lot of the questions I'm asked have to do with what's wrong with AEW. And I answer them, not trying to bury anybody. Well, sometimes I admit the way I answer things it is a little... it's got a bit of an edge to it, but that's the entertainment part of what we do. But look, you ask me a question, I'm gonna give you an answer."


Bischoff added that two years ago, he predicted that AEW would struggle to grow its audience if it did not embrace a more "sophisticated storytelling approach." He said that "AEW Dynamite" is still doing the same or slightly lower numbers today. 

The former "WWE Raw" General Manager mentioned that Khan is a "great guy" and that he's very supportive of the AEW talent. However, he draws attention to what he believes to be "wrong and obvious" issues.

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