Why Bully Ray Says WWE Has Big Plans For NXT Star Dragon Lee

Dragon Lee made his "WWE Raw" debut last night and his match against Dominik Mysterio for the "NXT" North American Championship certainly caught the attention of Bully Ray.

"The WWE has big plans for Dragon Lee," Bully Ray said on the latest "Busted Open Radio." He shared his opinion that, while Dominik led the match with Lee, the former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion is clearly being primed by WWE for something bigger. "They want Dragon Lee to work out ... you can just tell by how much they invested in him last night. When have you ever seen the WWE invest that much time and effort into a masked wrestler?"

Bully Ray thinks that by having Rey Mysterio endorse Dragon Lee on TV, it was a step toward carrying on Mysterio's legacy in WWE by someone else. "You're never getting the next Rey Mysterio," he cautioned, "but you're gonna need somebody to fill Rey Mysterio's shoes once Rey splits and retires." 

But it's the size and speed of Lee that Bully Ray believes will help him become a WWE mainstay. "He's got a great look to him," he explained. "He's got some thickness to him in his body — the athleticism." 

Lee came up short in his title shot with Dominik Mysterio pinning him cleanly after a Frog Splash to retain his title.