Backstage News On Jon Moxley Concussion, Heat On Ref After AEW Dynamite Title Change

Jon Moxley has not been cleared to wrestle on "AEW Dynamite" after suffering a concussion during last week's International title match against Rey Fenix, who was unexpectedly crowned the new champion after an audible called by both men in the wake of Moxley's injury. AEW CEO Tony Khan announced the news on X (formerly known as Twitter). The update comes shortly after a new report about the situation's wider ripple effects.

Fightful Select is reporting that Moxley's injury — which happened early in the match and was reportedly not caused by the two Fenix Drivers that Fenix delivered at the end — and the ensuing audible wreaked havoc on AEW's plans for not only this week's "Dynamite" but Sunday's WrestleDream PPV in Seattle, as well. According to the report, Moxley was supposed to retain the title and then be challenged by a non-AEW competitor. There is still no word on who was supposed to challenge Moxley, but the challenge and the surprise were both scrapped with Fenix holding the gold.

Fightful is also reporting that several sources claim AEW referee Rick Knox has significant heat backstage, despite being well-liked within the company. It's unclear whether said heat stems from Knox' failure to recognize the concussion or his failure to count the three for Fenix at the end of the match despite Moxley's shoulders being down, forcing the final spot to be repeated and drawing visible anger from Moxley.

Khan did confirm that Fenix has been cleared to wrestle on Wednesday's episode and issued an open challenge, which was quickly answered by Jeff Jarrett.