Afa Anoa'i Jr., Fka WWE Star Manu, Hospitalized With 'Complex Cardiac Issue'

Before there was Roman Reigns, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, or Solo Sikoa, the Anoa'i dynasty was represented by Afa Anoa'i Jr., known to WWE fans as Manu. According to a recently posted GoFundMe, Afa Jr. has been in the hospital since September 23, "fighting for his life" against a complex cariological issue.


"His heart injection fraction is only working at 35% and his heart is filling with fluid by the hours," Mike Kleckner wrote in the GoFundMe, which is asking for $100,000 to help Anoa'i Jr. pay the medical expenses that will come with the serious health condition. 

While the 38-year-old hasn't been involved in the current Bloodline storyline, in which Roman Reigns is claiming to be providing for the whole family, he has been paying attention. Anoa'i Jr. said at the end of last year that he appreciated "Honorary Uce" Sami Zayn, who was made an honorary member of the dynasty during his time as an ally of Reigns and his family. Zayn was ousted from the group ahead of his match against Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber earlier this year.


Afa Jr. said that WWE had been calling him at the beginning of the year, and even stopped by his training school to film footage of him. WWE also included him in an episode of "Hidden Treasures" on A&E that also featured Hall of Famers Mick Foley and Rikishi.

"I'm trying to get back on the radar," Anoa'i Jr. said, noting that he didn't feel his first run with WWE went how he wanted it to.