Afa Jr. Confirms Upcoming WWE Projects

The Anoa'i family is gathering for a big "acknowledgment ceremony" for the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns — real name Leati Joseph Anoa'i – on next Monday's "WWE Raw." "Every generation of The Bloodline" will be represented for the special "Raw is XXX" episode, as previously promised by The Usos.

As of this writing, four members of the lineage are confirmed. The Headshrinkers — originally known as the Samoan SWAT Team — comprised of Samu and Rikishi will appear. In addition, The Wild Samoans – Afa and Sika – will be present as well. The reunion isn't the only news surrounding the Anoa'i's right now, though. In an appearance on "Busted Open", Afa Anoa'i Jr., known as Manu in WWE, revealed two other projects.

"I've got a lot of exciting news lately. The WWE, they've been calling a lot lately," he said. "We just filmed a documentary on the whole Samoan dynasty. They came over to my training center and we filmed a lot of it there."

Afa Jr. also confirmed another visit to his training facility, as WWE looked for a prized item to showcase on its "Most Wanted Treasures" show on A&E.

"They came by with Mick Foley and Rikishi," he said. "They stopped by the training center pretty recent and they filmed. They were looking for Yokozuna's WrestleMania robe."

Though his previous tenure in WWE didn't go quite how he hoped, Afa Jr. says he'll "keep plugging away."

"I'm trying to get back on the radar. I'm trying to do the right things and stay hungry and stay humble and just keep it moving, but big things are coming this week on Monday too."

If you use any quotes in this article, please credit "Busted Open" with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.