Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan Opines On The Current State Of WWE, Given Recent Releases

Former WCW World Tag Team Champion Kevin Sullivan started his life in the wrestling world as an amateur wrestler, as later championed during his time with The Varsity Club. Sullivan knows a thing or two about wrestling acumen, and he saw a ton of it in two of WWE's recent releases.


"I don't know Dolph Ziggler from Adam," Sullivan said on "Tuesdays With The Taskmaster" recently, "but he's one of the most talented guys I've ever seen in my life. Loyal [as the day is long].

"Then Shelton Benjamin, who's a great friend of mine, he trained amateur with Brock's [Lesnar] coach," Sullivan gushed. "He did anything they wanted, 'The Gold Standard,' let go, come back, The Hurt [Business] and you let him go?" 

Sullivan believes that under McMahon, stars like Ziggler and Benjamin would've found a place in the company. But with the new corporate ownership, he believes the days of long, multi-decade tenures with WWE are over. Sullivan isn't the only one singing Ziggler's praises, with WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry recently saying that he'd put Ziggler at the top of the list of people that AEW should be signing in the wake of WWE's recent spat of releases. 


Fellow WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam was equally bullish on both Ziggler and Benjamin, remembering them both fondly as professional and friendly. Van Dam, much like Sullivan, believes Benjamin is a one-of-a-kind athlete, noting that the company never found a proper push for the skilled superstar. He also mentioned that Benjamin was an all-around good person backstage.