Why Bully Ray Would Have Put The International Title On Jeff Jarrett On AEW Dynamite

During an appearance on SiriusXM's "Busted Open Radio" show, Bully Ray, known as Bubba Ray Dudley in WWE, spoke about Jeff Jarrett unsuccessfully challenging Rey Fénix for the AEW International Championship on "AEW Dynamite" this week. It was Fénix's first defense of the title since defeating Jon Moxley for the gold on the "Dynamite: Grand Slam" special last Wednesday night. Moxley reportedly suffered a concussion early in that title clash and was supposed to retain the belt.


"I would have been happy coming on the show this morning announcing Jeff Jarrett as your new intercoastal, Pacific, western states heritage champion," Ray said. "I thought they should have put the 'strizap' on Jeff Jarrett last night [Wednesday night] ... Making people angry is my business, and business is booming."

In response, former ECW World Heavyweight Champion and "Busted Open Radio" co-host Tommy Dreamer said, "To Bully's point, I thought it would have been a great move. If you want to get a title over, you put it on somebody that is gonna help get it over, and if people are mad that somebody's holding that title, then they will pay to see somebody win it."

'Jeff has been doing amazing, amazing work'

"Rey Fénix, excellent wrestler. His title [reign] has been marred because of how he won it," Dreamer continued. "So if you took it away, it would also add more speculation: 'Is he being punished? Blah blah blah.' All stupidity. Help build it. It's also a giant [Satnam Singh], a guy with a pencil [Sonjay Dutt], and a female [Karen Jarrett] [who] all helped Jeff win that title. 


"Jeff has credibility, and Jeff knows also how to get things over. So [it] wouldn't have been a bad move. Jeff has been doing amazing, amazing work. And think of Jeff holding the title in — also, there's Jay Lethal out there — think of Jeff holding a title in AEW and the heat that he can get because he is not a typical AEW wrestler, persona, but he has been doing amazing, amazing work."

Ray also said that putting Jarrett over kills him and Dreamer. He mentioned that if Jarrett had won the gold, his title defenses could have been fought under "Jarrett Family Rules." Ray also feels that Jarrett's wife, Karen Jarrett, doesn't get enough credit for her work. The WWE Hall of Famer said that Karen is great at what she does and always has been.


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