LA Knight Returns On SmackDown, Signs Contract To Team With John Cena At Fastlane

LA Knight made his triumphant return to "WWE SmackDown" on Friday after being sidelined with COVID and missing last week's main event that saw AJ Styles, as well as John Cena, being taken out by the Bloodline's Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa. Knight's music hit and he came to Cena's rescue after the 16-time champion was beaten down in the middle of the ring.

Cena came out at the end of "SmackDown" and said he had a big problem, he was going into Fastlane on October 7 without a partner to face Sikoa and Uso. He said he could either rip up the contract and pretend like it never happened or stand up and fight. He asked the "SmackDown" crowd in Sacramento what the man who "wears the words 'never give up' across his heart has to say." He of course he was going to fight. Cena said he would honor the contract and even if he didn't have a partner by Fastlane, he would take on the Bloodline in a handicapped match

Uso's music hit and he came down to the ring with Sikoa and Paul Heyman. Uso told Cena he "wasn't making it to Fastlane," and the Bloodline attacked the star. Uso set Cena up on the announce desk and Sikoa started to go to the top rope to set up a Splash, but Knight's music hit and he ran down to the ring to Cena's aid. Knight beat up the Bloodline and Cena made his way back into the ring and both men threw out their opponents.

After a short staredown, Knight reached for the contract that Cena left in the ring. He took out the pen and signed his name to Cena's delight. Knight's signature made it official, he and Cena will take on Sikoa and Uso at Fastlane in less than two weeks.