WWE NXT No Mercy 2023 Results 9/30: Carmelo Hayes Vs. Ilja Dragunov For NXT Title

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Tonight's "NXT" No Mercy premium live event takes place at the Mechanics Bank Arena in Bakersfield, California. Six matches are currently scheduled for the main card, including Carmelo Hayes defending the "NXT" Championship against Ilja Dragunov in a "NXT" The Great American Bash 2023 rematch. Dragunov defeated Wes Lee on the September 12 episode of "NXT" to earn another shot at the gold. Elsewhere, Tiffany Stratton will seek to reclaim the "NXT" Women's Championship from Becky Lynch in an Extreme Rules match. Stratton lost the belt to "The Man" earlier this month.

Announced card

* Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Ilja Dragunov for the "NXT" Championship 

* Becky Lynch (c) vs. Tiffany Stratton in an Extreme Rules match for the "NXT" Women's Championship

* "Dirty" Dominik Mysterio (c) vs. Trick Williams for the "NXT" North American Championship with Dragon Lee serving as special guest referee

* The Family (Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo and Tony D'Angelo) (c) vs. The Creed Brothers (Julius and Brutus Creed) vs. OTM (Lucien Price and Bronco Nima) vs. Los Lotharios (Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza) in a fatal four-way match for the "NXT" Tag Team Championship

* Noam Dar (c) vs. Butch in a British Rounds Rules match for the "NXT" Heritage Cup

* Baron Corbin vs. Bron Breakker

* Pre-show: Blair Davenport vs. Kelani Jordan

Pre-show bout

Blair Davenport vs. Kelani Jordan

Davenport immediately took control and locked Jordan in a headlock. Jordan responded with a flurry of moves. Davenport sent Jordan out of the ring after countering her offense in the corner. Back inside the ring, Davenport attempted a pin after delivering a bodyslam.

Davenport locked Jordan in a Boston crab. Jordan sent Davenport into the corner. Jordan and Davenport traded blows in the center of the ring. Jordan delivered a cutter from the ropes. Jordan attempted a cover after hitting a series of moves. 

Davenport turned the tables. Jordan countered and locked in a sleeper. Davenport broke the hold. Jordan sent Davenport down and missed with a split-legged moonsault. Davenport followed up with a double stomp to the spine from the top. Davenport drove Jordan into the canvas to win. 

Winner: Blair Davenport via pinfall

- Gigi Dolin attacked Davenport after the match. 

Opening match of the main card

Baron Corbin vs. Bron Breakker

Breakker immediately wiped out Corbin at ringside with a dive over the ropes. Breakker and Corbin briefly fought among the audience. Breakker took out a member of security at ringside. Corbin sent Breakker back over the barricade with a clothesline. Breakker moved out of the way when Corbin attempted a leg drop through the commentary table.

Back inside the ring, Breakker took control as the bell finally rang. Corbin fought back. The commentators had some brief technical difficulties. Breakker dropped Corbin onto his knees. Breakker delivered a Frankensteiner. Breakker attempted a pin after driving Corbin into the mat. 

Corbin briefly took control. Breakker took Corbin down and attempted a Steiner Recliner. Corbin replied with a Deep Six and went for a cover. Corbin and Breakker traded blows in the center of the ring. 

Breakker used his power and sent Corbin out of the ring. Corbin countered Breakker and sent him through the commentary table. Breakker replied with a spear. As the action returned to the ring, Mr. Stone attempted to interfere. Breakker sent him over the ropes. Corbin then connected with End of Days to win. 

Winner: Baron Corbin via pinfall

'NXT' North American Championship match

"Dirty" Dominik Mysterio (c) vs. Trick Williams for the "NXT" North American Championship with Dragon Lee serving as special guest referee

Mysterio went for a quick cover after landing a dropkick. Mysterio argued with Lee. Williams attempted a pin. Mysterio argued with Lee again. Williams hit a flurry of moves. Mysterio exited the ring and asked for his championship. Williams sent Mysterio down at ringside. 

Williams slammed Mysterio into the mat upon returning to the ring. Mysterio left the ring again moments later. Williams immediately sent him back into the ring. Mysterio sent Williams back out to the floor. Mysterio took control back inside the ring.

Mysterio attempted a cover after connecting with a jumping knee. Mysterio continued taking the fight to Williams. Williams eventually fought back and landed a series of moves. Mysterio and Williams took each other out in the center of the ring.

Mysterio connected with a 619. Mysterio inadvertently landed a superkick on Lee. Williams took control. Williams went for a pin after landing a kick to Mysterio's face. Mysterio accidentally took out the second referee.

Mysterio sent Williams into the ring post on the floor. Mysterio sent Williams back into the ring and missed with a frog splash. There was no referee as Williams attempted a cover. Mysterio had the title in his hands. Williams landed a knee to the face. Lee returned and counted the one, two, three. 

Winner and NEW "NXT" North American Champion: Trick Williams via pinfall

'NXT 'Tag Team Championship four-way

The Family (Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo and Tony D'Angelo) (c) vs. The Creed Brothers (Julius and Brutus Creed) w/ Ivy Nile vs. OTM (Lucien Price and Bronco Nima) w/ Scrypts vs. Los Lotharios (Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza) in a fatal four-way match for the "NXT" Tag Team Championship

Garza started out with Julius Creed. The match broke down moments later. Julius leaped to the floor. Brutus Creed was taken out by OTM. Lorenzo and Carrillo became the legal men. Lorenzo tagged in D'Angelo. The Family fought Los Lotharios.

Carrillo replied and tagged in Garza. D'Angelo's knee blew out. The referee called for medical personnel. Carrillo and Garza took out Lorenzo. OTM became the legal team. Nima and Price kept Lorenzo in their corner. 

Brutus tagged in and took out several wrestlers in the match. Brutus locked in the ankle lock on Garza. Julius delivered several suplexes to the rest of the performers in the bout. Carrillo eventually broke up the ankle lock. 

D'Angelo made his way back down to the ring. The match broke down again, with the four superplexes being delivered at the same time. Moments later, Price drove D'Angelo into the mat and attempted a cover. Brutus wiped out various wrestlers on the floor with the Brutus Bomb. The Family then retained the gold, with D'Angelo pinning Price.

Winners and STILL "NXT" Tag Team Champions: Tony D'Angelo and Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo via pinfall

- Carmelo Hayes congratulated Trick Williams on winning the "NXT" North American Championship backstage.

'NXT' Heritage Cup match

Noam Dar (c) w/ Lash Legend, Oro Mensah, and Jakara Jackson vs. Butch w/ Tyler Bate in a British Rounds Rules match for the "NXT" Heritage Cup

Butch immediately took control as the first round began. Dar managed to dodge Butch's offense. Dar sent Butch down with a kick. The pace of the match picked up. Butch sent Dar down with a clothesline. Butch went for joint manipulation on the mat. Dar struck Butch with an elbow as the first round ended.

Dar went straight after Butch at the start of round two. Dar attempted a cover. Butch eventually turned the tables. Butch delivered a series of strikes to Dar's chest on the apron. Mensah kicked Butch while the referee was dealing with Jackson and Legend on the apron. Dar managed to steal a fall. 

Round three started with Dar and Butch going back and forth. Butch wiped out Dar on the floor. Dar attempted a roll-up back inside the ring. Dar landed a kick on Butch. Butch replied with a Bitter End to secure the second fall. 

Butch struck Dar with several strikes on the mat as round four began. Dar managed to lock Butch in a sleeper. Dar and Butch countered each other's holds on the canvas. Dar attempted a cover after delivering a suplex. Butch caught Dar in an arm submission. Dar passed out after the bell rang.

Round five began with Butch and Dar trading blows. Dar countered the Bitter End. Dar landed a big elbow and attempted a pin. Butch went for a cover after delivering a superplex. Butch and Dar fought on the apron. Dar landed a brainbuster. Butch kicked out of the cover that followed. The round ended with Butch using joint manipulation.

Butch and Dar went back and forth in the final round. Mensah landed a kick on Butch without the referee seeing. Dar kicked out of the Tiger Driver '97 moments later. Dar then kicked out of the Bitter End. Wolfgang and Mark Coffey attacked Bate at ringside. Joe Coffey took out Butch in the ring. Dar crawled over and pinned Butch to retain the cup.

Winner and STILL holder of the "NXT" Heritage Cup: Noam Dar [2-1]

'NXT' Championship bout

Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Ilja Dragunov for the "NXT" Championship

Dragunov immediately took the fight to Hayes. Dragunov sent Hayes to the floor with a big boot on the apron. Hayes returned and took Dragunov down. The champion took control. Dragunov responded with a clothesline in the center of the ring.

Dragunov managed to keep Hayes grounded. Hayes eventually responded. Dragunov sent Hayes back down. Dragunov delivered multiple blows to the champion. Hayes fired up and unleashed a series of chops to the chest. Hayes sent Dragunov down with a big slap to the face.

Hayes and Dragunov traded blows. Hayes attempted a cover after connecting with a kick to the head and a springboard bulldog. Dragunov replied with a German suplex. Hayes went for another cover after sending Dragunov head first into the canvas.

Hayes delivered repeated stomps to Dragunov on the mat. Dragunov then connected with a knee strike and a powerbomb. Moments later, Dragunov drove Hayes into the corner. Dragunov went for a pin after landing a Coast-to-Coast.

Dragunov knocked Hayes off the top turnbuckle. Dragunov delivered a superplex. Hayes ended up kicking out of two H-Bombs. Hayes went for a cover after landing a superkick. Dragunov and Hayes fought on the apron. Hayes delivered a cutter from the apron to the floor. 

Dragunov caught Hayes with a clothesline back inside the ring. Dragunov landed an H-Bomb from the top to win the championship.

Winner and NEW "NXT" Champion: Ilja Dragunov via pinfall

It was announced that the "NXT" Women's Breakout Tournament will begin this week. Also on Tuesday night, Gigi Dolin goes up against Blair Davenport, while Tyler Bate and Butch face Gallus in tag team action.

- Tegan Nox was shown sitting in the front row. Nox will face the winner of this evening's "NXT" Women's Championship match.

Extreme Rules match for the 'NXT' Women's Championship

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Tiffany Stratton in an Extreme Rules match for the "NXT" Women's Championship

Lynch brought out a shopping cart full of weapons. Stratton went after Lynch with a pair of brass knuckles. Lynch used multiple weapons on Stratton. The fight ended up in the audience. Stratton managed to briefly fight back. Lynch used a steel chain on Stratton, which was given to her by a fan.

Stratton brought the fight to Lynch as the action returned to the ringside area. Stratton brought a toolbox into the ring. The challenger pulled out various weapons from the box and attacked Lynch with them. Stratton went for a cover after delivering a sidewalk slam.

Stratton struck Lynch on the back with a steel chair. Lynch eventually turned the tables. Lynch put Stratton in the shopping cart at ringside. Lynch sent the cart into the steel steps. Back inside the ring, Lynch attempted a cover after slamming Stratton down onto broken Barbie dolls.

Stratton attempted to launch a trash can at Lynch. "The Man" placed the trash can over Stratton's head while she was draped over the middle rope. Lynch followed up with a leg drop. Stratton replied and went for a pin after slamming Lynch onto the trash can.

Stratton sent several steel chairs into the ring. Lynch slammed Stratton onto the chairs and locked in an arm submission. Stratton managed to powerbomb Lynch onto the steel steps after both wrestlers ended up on the apron. 

Outside the ring, Lynch sent Stratton into the barricade. Lynch pulled out a table from underneath the ring. Stratton took out Lynch. Stratton set up the table at ringside. Lynch blinded Stratton by spraying a fire extinguisher in her face. Lynch pulled out a barbed wire bat. Stratton managed to stop Lynch in her tracks. Stratton and Lynch went through the barricade. 

Lynch placed Stratton on the commentary table. Stratton responded by taking out Lynch. Stratton then sent Lynch through the table set up at ringside with a Swanton Bomb from the top. Back inside the ring, Stratton attempted a cover after delivering a second Swanton Bomb.

Stratton missed with the Prettiest Moonsault Ever from the top to the floor. Lynch followed up by delivering a Manhandle Slam at ringside. Stratton kicked out of Lynch's cover back inside the ring. Stratton sent Lynch down onto the steel chairs. Stratton missed again with the Prettiest Moonsault Ever. Lynch retained the gold after slamming Stratton down onto the chairs.

Winner and STILL "NXT" Women's Champion: Becky Lynch via pinfall

- The show closed with Carmelo Hayes and new "NXT" North American Champion Trick Williams interacting in the locker room.

- That's all for "NXT" No Mercy 2023!