Jim Ross Explains Why He Thinks NXT Is One Of The Best Things WWE Has Ever Done

"WWE NXT" initially started out as a game show of sorts, but eventually, it turned into a space for WWE to mold their next wave of superstars, while also providing them with some television exposure. Upon the show's format change in 2012, Jim Ross was appointed as one of the "NXT" commentators alongside the likes of Byron Saxton and William Regal. While Ross exited WWE the following year, he shared high praise for WWE's efforts in boosting "NXT" into a legitimate development brand — one that would later be rooted in the WWE Performance Center.


"I liked the concept [of 'NXT'] a lot, and Hunter (Triple H) and I did talk about it. We both are big proponents of the Performance Center and getting more ring time for these talents and getting them involved, getting them in the ring, getting good teaching and coaching, coach them up, add some discipline, just a whole scenario, a whole feel," Ross said on a recent episode of the "Grilling JR" podcast. "I think 'NXT' is one of the best things that WWE has done because where are you going to get talents that are trained?"

To illustrate his point, Ross referenced WWE's newest signee, Jade Cargill. Ross recognized Cargill as a talented individual, but backed by the coaching and training offered in the WWE Performance Center, Ross believes she can elevate herself even more.


"A lot of [coaches] have really contributed well and they've helped make the thing better. So I'm a big proponent. Triple H obviously was the brain, was the driving force behind getting the Performance Center up and running and producing talent. That's the whole bottom line, is that how many stars did you produce? That's the bottom line of that deal, and they've produced a lot of stars," Ross said.

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