Vince Russo Contrasts WWE's Business Side Vs. Creative

Vince Russo thinks WWE is doing amazing things in the business world — and wishes that they had a modicum of that success on their television program.

"What WWE is doing on the business side and what they're doing creatively are two completely different animals," Russo said on "Busted Open Radio." "On the business side ... they are making money hand over fist. Nick Khan has made some incredible deals." Russo says he applauds WWE for how much money they're making in the current era.

"That's totally separate from what [WWE] are putting on my television screen every Monday night," he continued, saying the current product fails to hook him. "It's two completely different things."

Russo isn't wrong about WWE's current financial successes. WWE made record profits in 2022 and is now part of TKO Group Holdings along with UFC under parent company Endeavor.  The new company is in a transitional period, as the recent merger was finalized in mid-September, but is valued at over $21 billion.

Russo might be frustrated with the Monday night programming, but Friday nights program have, with USA Network recently picking up the rights to "WWE SmackDown," paying an exorbitant amount of money for the rights to the show starting in October 2024, when the current deal with FOX will expire. "SmackDown" has been on FOX since 2019. WWE will also be airing four specials a year on NBC through the new deal with USA's parent company NBCUniversal.