Bryan Danielson Defeats Zack Sabre Jr. In A Classic At AEW WrestleDream

"The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson kicked off his AEW farewell tour in style, emerging victorious in a highly-anticipated showdown with Zack Sabre Jr. at the WrestleDream pay-per-view event on Sunday night. 


With his teammate Jon Moxley and long-time rival Nigel McGuinness at the commentary desk, Danielson entered to a thunderous pop in his home territory, donning the colors of the Seattle Seahawks for the dream match against the English standout. The pair got through the feeling-out process without fuss, exchanging holds and reversals, before ZSJ took over by targeting the surgically-repaired arm of his opponent.

Danielson continued to battle through the injury and gained control, hitting a series of his patented Yes Kicks before telling the crowd his plans to kick in the head of Sabre Jr. with a trademark expletive thrown in for good measure. Both competitors traded pinning combinations for near-falls, earning the adulation of the crowd inside the Climate Pledge Arena, but the striking of Danielson proved to be a major difference throughout large portions of the back-and-forth contest.


In the final stages of the clash, Danielson hit a Regal-Plex and Busaiku Knee for a two-count, before ultimately securing the win with an exposed knee to the jaw of Sabre Jr. for a three-count. After the conclusion of the match, Danielson extended a handshake to ZSJ, but his opponent refused and rolled out of the ring.