Why Kenny Omega And Chris Jericho Are Excited To See Adam Copeland In AEW

Adam Copeland, former WWE Superstar Edge, made his All Elite Wrestling debut last night at the inaugural AEW WrestleDream pay-per-view. During the AEW WrestleDream post-show media scrum, Chris Jericho talked about the "Rated-R Superstar's" arrival.


"I always love seeing a big name like Adam [Copeland] coming to AEW," Jericho said. "Because, if you look, the three of us at this table [Jericho, AEW CEO Tony Khan, and Omega] have been here since day one. [Even] prior to day one. We made day one happen ... I think after the first couple of years, especially when the pandemic was over, to see all the names that came in, it's like we paved the way and let people know it's safe to come here and it's great to come here.

"And I've known Adam since 1995. He loves wrestling, and sometimes in other places, that love of wrestling kind of gets squashed and warped a bit maybe. It's not like that here in AEW. I think, once again, when some of the other guys came, like FTR, and Adam Cole, and those types of guys, they couldn't believe just the difference and just the whole vibe of what we have here. And I think just talking with Adam and seeing him coming out to the ring, he's super stoked, and super excited, and super motivated. And when you're motivated, that's when great wrestlers become even better and even more legendary."


'He's stepping out of his comfort zone'

The Elite's Kenny Omega, who joined Jericho during the AEW WrestleDream post-show media scrum, also provided his thoughts on Copeland joining AEW. Omega has never faced Copeland, and a dream match between the pair could now happen in Tony Khan's promotion.


"As someone who grew up watching Edge on different programming, it's really cool to see someone come into our locker room with such a positive [attitude] — his demeanor was incredible backstage," Omega said. "For us, as younger guys, who maybe haven't had experience over in WWE, to meet him for the first time and see that someone who is here very much motivated, willing to contribute, and put their best foot forward, and to probably do something that he has not done yet in his career. He's stepping out of his comfort zone. He's willing to do things he's never done before, and he's willing to do it with us."

The former AEW World Champion said that, above all, Copeland's debut in AEW is exciting for the fans because they're now going to be able to see a lot of fresh matches, feuds, and angles involving the WWE Hall of Famer moving forward. Omega noted that it was also an exciting time for the locker room, but the part that makes him the most happy is that Copeland's arrival is thrilling for the fans.