Kevin Nash Details Text He Sent To Triple H After Learning About Divorce Rumors

A wild, unsubstantiated rumor about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon filing for divorce surfaced on social media last week, causing many fans to speculate on the possible reasons for pro wrestling's first couple to split up. Kevin Nash was admittedly dumbfounded when he came across the stories and immediately sent a text message to his close friend, Triple H, to inquire about the veracity of the rumors. 


"My phone blows up and I'm thinking, 'Oh god, who died?'" Nash began. As he started sifting through the articles from wrestling news websites, the first thought that came to Nash — who had spoken to Triple H a week before — was why his friend didn't confide in him about issues in his marriage. "So, I text Paul [and] I said, 'You okay? Everything all right? I'm here if you need anything.'"

"He goes, 'What's happening in my life?" Nash continued, revealing Triple H's response. "I said, 'Social media says you're splitting with Stephanie.' He responds to me, 'F–k it, I wish somebody had told me that before I [got] dragged to this JV football game where my girls are cheerleading."

Nash joked that he's always loved to find out about the personal lives of his friends through the internet, admitting that he would have lost his cool had he been in Triple H's place. "He finally gets a day off, it's family time, and some trolls gotta f–k with you on your off day," the Hall of Famer rued.


Triple H and Stephanie tied the knot on October 25, 2003, and the couple have three daughters together – Aurora Rose (born 2006), Murphy Claire (born 2008), and Vaughn Evelyn (born 2010). For years, Stephanie worked several backstage roles for WWE and was named interim chairwoman and co-CEO last June following an investigation by WWE's board of directors into allegations of sexual misconduct towards her father, Vince McMahon. However, on January 10, 2023, she announced her resignation from WWE upon her father's return to the company as Executive Chairman.