Ariane Andrew Unsure About WWE Return But Wants Storyline With Former Partner Trinity

Ariane Andrew hasn't been seen inside a WWE ring since her cameo appearance in the 2022 women's Royal Rumble. She was last a full-time member of WWE's talent roster in 2016. But as with any former WWE Superstar, there are always questions about a potential return, and while she told WrestlingNews.Co that there is unfinished business there, she's not necessarily looking for a comeback.

"One thing I will say is when people always ask, it's always so specific. 'Are you returning back to WWE?' Where it's like — why does it have to be just one place? There's opportunity in other places, you know what I mean?" she said. "I'm doing my own thing right now, and let's just see what happens."

Andrew has previously worked for AEW and is set to launch her own "luxury" independent promotion, Pound Town Wrestling, showcasing just some of the other options available. Another company thriving right now is Impact Wrestling, particularly from a women's standpoint. Her former tag team partner Trinity Fatu is currently the Knockouts Champion there, and the idea of them reuniting is something that excites a lot of fans.

"I am hoping, especially now with me venturing out and doing my own thing and creating my own promotion and stuff like that. I feel like we're now in a place where we can kind of walk to the beat of our own drum with doing things how we want to do it, I feel like there's an opportunity there," she said.

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