Booker T Says No One Works Harder Than One WWE NXT Star

Booker T has revealed that nobody works harder in "WWE NXT" than Ilja Dragunov, whose hard work and effort were rewarded when he became "NXT" Champion at No Mercy. "He's a throwback to guys back in the day that just went out there and performed in the ring, but he's a performer outside the ring as well," Booker said on "The Hall Of Fame." "He brings everything for me from the way he walks, the way he talks, the way he dresses. The way he goes out in the middle of that ring and performs with anybody."

The five-time WCW Champion admitted that at one point he did question whether or not Dragunov was capable of working with anybody, but that is something that he has proven to him throughout Booker's time on commentary for the black and gold brand. "It was all about how he just went out and fought and made me believe that he was fighting ... When I saw Ilja Dragunov I was wondering if I was in the right arena," he said due to Dragunov's hard-hitting style. "When a guy can make me feel like that in this business, he's next level, he's extraordinary, he's second to none." 

Dragunov has been a key part of the show ever since he made the transition, and Booker is pleased that even when he wasn't put at the top of the card he didn't cry about it online, he just performed. "So, watching Ilja finally cash in and win the championship, I know that's where that passion comes from. He wants to be a winner, he wants to be the guy," he said. "I appreciate him, he's one of the best."

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