WWE's Mick Foley Assesses HollyHood Haley J, 'Sheer Honesty' From Netflix's Wrestlers

Mick Foley is learning, like LCD Soundsystem before him, that he and his "Attitude Era" comrades are losing their edge, with the kids coming up from behind.

"When did [Al Snow] become so curmudgeonly that he made Squidward Tenticles look joyful by comparison?" Foley asked on "Foley Is Pod," discussing Netflix's new show "The Wrestlers," which follows Snow and Ohio Valley Wrestling over the course of the series. "He's like a cranky old man, but he's still a good character." 

Foley belives that despite Snow's Archie Bunker-esque phrasing, the former WWE European Champion has become a fatherly presence to the OVW locker room — specifically HollyHood Haley J, who takes center stage on the streaming series as a result of her dependency on cannabis, especially on show days.

"[HollyHood Haley], who I had met at an indie show, and was 100% living this gimmick you know?" Foley said. "So you leave that show and you definitely remember her. I can't tell you if she wrestled or not, but she introduced herself to me and made quite an impression. You follow her trials and tribulations, and she's clearly got that 'it factor.' I just don't know if the sheer honesty on camera helps her or hurts her in the long run."

Haley J, a former OVW Women's Champion, was set to try out for WWE last month, but was pulled from tryout for unspecified reasons, though the controversial wrestler reportedly will have an opportunity at some point in the future to make good on the cancellation.