Why Jake 'The Snake' Roberts Has Never Liked Wrestling In Tag Team Matches

WWE Hall of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts has been in every kind of match, from a Lights Out match to a Strap match, but there is one match type that he is not a fan of being involved in: tag team matches. This is despite his experience tagging with some pretty iconic names such as The Undertaker. 

On the latest episode of his podcast, "The Snake Pit," Roberts explained why he doesn't like wrestling in tag team matches. 

"I hate being in a tag team, I never liked tag team matches," said Roberts. "There is too many people thinking, we only need one guy to think, and that's whoever is leading the match. The rest of the guys can take the night off."

Roberts later noted how there was nothing worse than setting the match up to where all you have to do is follow "ABCD," but when you tag out, the person who tags in ends up setting the match, moving it in a whole new direction. Overall, the AEW manager feels that tag team matches are twice the work compared to a singles match.

It's worth mentioning that in his long pro wrestling career, the only major tag team title that he held was the World Class Championship Wrestling Six-Man Tag Team Championship back in 1984. His last tag team match, surprisingly, was five years ago, in August 2018 at a CWE Live Pro Wrestling show.

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