Bruce Prichard Names Former Stars Who Were 'Too Nice' To Succeed In WWE

There's a reason CM Punk compared the WWE locker room to a "shark tank full of bullies" protecting their own spots, or why The Miz was shunned by his peers for seven months before gaining their acceptance. By all accounts, the WWE has always promoted cutthroat competition between its superstars, urging them to exude hunger and "ruthless aggression" to get ahead — even if it leads to some toes getting stepped on.


Longtime WWE executive Bruce Prichard knows a thing or two about this mindset, having seen several wrestlers giving up on their dreams due to the competitive nature of the WWE locker room. On a recent episode of "Something to Wrestle With," Prichard picked out Mark Jindrak and Maven as examples of wrestlers who were "too nice" to make in the WWE. 

Prichard explained why Jindrak, originally slated to be the fourth member of Evolution, was dropped in favor of Batista. "I don't know if Mark had the killer instinct in him," Prichard said. "And Dave did. It was also a matter of how those guys worked together — Dave had worked with Ric [Flair] before, so there was already a bond there. I think Mark was the odd man out that didn't really seem to fit." Prichard revealed WWE originally had "high hopes" for Jindrak and Sean O'Haire, two talents who came over from WCW following WWE's acquisition, and that neither wrestler "could put it together" to thrive in the business.


"...Mark was probably too nice for the spot. And you've gotta have some a–hole in you."

As for Maven, Prichard says WWE tried their best to push the inaugural "Tough Enough" co-winner, only to realize he lacked the killer instinct as well. 

"I don't think Maven had enough a–hole in him, either. He was way too nice of a guy. I think he viewed the business as a work — it's not ... you have to fight for your position. I think that was his downfall."