Eric Bischoff Explains That AEW's Chris Jericho 'Doesn't Take S*** From Anyone'

During their time together in WCW, Chris Jericho and Goldberg never squared off in the ring — but that wasn't for a lack of trying on Jericho's part. Campaigning for a match against the red-hot Goldberg, Jericho went as far as facing a lookalike on pay-per-view to goad him into a face-to-face that ultimately never did take place in WCW.

According to former WCW President Eric Bischoff on the latest episode of "83 Weeks," Goldberg's unwillingness to work with Jericho was a slap in the face to the latter, who had no problem expressing his displeasure for one simple reason.

"Jericho doesn't take s*** from anybody," said Bischoff. "I think Bill disrespected Chris. Well, I know he did. And Chris wasn't gonna tolerate that."

Goldberg's aversion to a match with Jericho, according to Bischoff, came as a result of intimidation, not of the physical variety, but in terms of what they each could do in the ring. At the time, Goldberg was still relatively new to pro wrestling, while Jericho had years of experience all over the world. Goldberg, Bischoff said, didn't want to be exposed.

"I think Bill was intimidated by Chris," he explained. "Chris was so good and had so much depth, not only as a performer, [but also] what he could do technically in the ring. I think Bill was intimidated by that and Bill's way of dealing with being intimidated is to go into 'Bill Goldberg mode' and shut it all down. That's what happened.

The Feud That Never Was

By refusing to participate in a program with Chris Jericho, Goldberg set the relationship between the two off on the wrong foot, and though the two have since buried the hatchet, ultimately, that long-simmering discontent led to a backstage altercation later on in their careers when both were with WWE. They would finally work together during that era, but the feud that never was in WCW, which perhaps could have altered wrestling history, still doesn't sit well with Eric Bischoff.

"It could have been freakin' awesome," he said. "And who knows? Chris may have stuck around WCW. Better for him that he didn't, by the way, all truth be known. But this was the catalyst for Chris deciding to write me a goodbye letter and take his talents elsewhere."

Despite being unable to work out the particulars for a feud between the two under his tenure in charge of WCW, Bischoff understands the reasons for Goldberg's resistance at that stage of his career and looks upon both individuals fondly to this day.

"At this stage of his career, he was aware of what he wasn't capable of and didn't want to compromise that because it might expose him," said Bischoff about the former Universal Champion. "Chris was a great guy — is a great guy to this day, and so is Bill, but that doesn't mean there weren't insecurities at this point in Bill's career."

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