The Bloodline And The Judgment Day Officially Join Forces On WWE SmackDown

WWE's worst nightmare has finally manifested itself. They may have been run off — for now — by a cadre of babyfaces, but that doesn't change the fact that two of the most dominant stables in recent memory are now aligned, as The Bloodline and The Judgment Day formally entered into an alliance on "WWE SmackDown."

The story began when The Bloodline entered their locker room following a confrontation with their Fastlane opponents, LA Knight and John Cena, only to find The Judgment Day sitting there, waiting for them. The two groups were lined up to throw down, but Rhea Ripley asked her cohorts to leave the room while she talked to Paul Heyman, and Heyman ultimately did the same. Ripley initially proposed a pact between the two factions, but Heyman said he would have to get authorization for such an agreement from Roman Reigns. In response, Ripley said he didn't actually need that authorization, and told Heyman to acknowledge her. Heyman, of course, did what Heyman always does — he called Roman Reigns.

When the main event match between Knight and Jimmy Uso ended in a disqualification due to Solo Sikoa's interference, John Cena came out to even the odds. It was then that The Judgment Day approached ringside, where Ripley and Heyman shook hands as Heyman proclaimed the agreement "authorized." Before they could do any real damage as a unit, however, Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes hit the ring, clearing out the bad guys while the crowd roared its appreciation.

It remains to be seen how this new alliance impacts the tag team matches both sides are scheduled to take place in on Saturday's premium live event. Judgment Day members Finn Balor and Damian Priest are set to defend their tag team titles against Jey and Rhodes, in addition to Jimmy and Sikoa taking on Cena and Knight.