Miles Schneiderman

Tucson, AZ
Northern Arizona University
Movies, Comics, Literature
  • Miles' writing has been published in books, magazines, and online, including Yes! Magazine, where he also works as a fact-checker.
  • He has been podcasting since 2015 as part of pop culture shows like Smash Fiction, the Unspoiled! Podcast, and The NXT Wrestling Fan.
  • He blogs about science fiction, politics, and pro wrestling on his website, Universes of the Mind.


Miles has been a published writer since 2010, when he submitted his first essay to the A Song of Ice and Fire fan site Tower of the Hand. After spending several years reviewing Game of Thrones and contributing to two Tower of the Hand books, he got his degree in journalism and began an internship with Yes! Magazine, a publication that he writes and fact-checks for to this day. In 2015 he began podcasting with Natasha Winters' Unspoiled! Podcast Network and has been creating podcasts ever since, including Smash Fiction and The NXT Wrestling Fan. He also writes for himself on his science fiction, politics, and pop culture blog, Universes of the Mind.


Miles has a bachelor of science degree in journalism and political science from Northern Arizona University.