John Cena Wins TV In-Ring Return WWE Fastlane Bout With LA Knight Versus The Bloodline

John Cena defeated The Bloodline, sans "Tribal Chief" Roman Reigns, alongside fellow megastar LA Knight during WWE's Fastlane premium live event on Saturday. Cena was introduced to the ring by Indianapolis' favorite punter and sometimes WWE commentator, Pat MacAfee. Not to be outdone, SummerSlam Slim Jim Battle Royal winner LA Knight arrived in a hot rod covered in Slim Jim's branding prior to the match.

Cena and Jimmy Uso started off the match, before Uso tagged in Solo Sikoa. Cena spent a good amount of the first half of the match being beaten down in the ring, away from Knight. At one point, he pulled out an Attitude Adjustment on Jimmy from out of nowhere to regain control, getting to Knight in the corner. Both teams battled back and forth. Knight hit a superplex on Uso and Cena hit a Five-Knuckle Shuffle in the middle of the ring, setting Knight up for the Blunt Force Trauma. Knight pinned Uso for the win.

Following the match, Cena went for a handshake with Knight, who seemed to reject it before raising Cena's hand in a sign of respect. Paul Heyman, who had accompanied Uso and Sikoa to the ring, backed away up the ramp, with his phone to his face, seemingly calling Reigns. Heyman was audibly heard on camera saying "we have a problem here." Reigns is set to return to "WWE SmackDown" this coming Friday night.