Eric Bischoff Identifies 'Huge Miss' He Had With Bret Hart In WCW

It's no secret that neither Bret Hart nor Eric Bischoff believe that the former's run in WCW was a triumphant success. However, while there are several reasons for Hart's tenure in the promotion not reaching the heights they wanted it to, Bischoff thinks that not giving him standout theme music was a missed opportunity. He discussed the subject on a recent episode of "83 Weeks."

"Huge miss on my part. You asked the question, 'How important is it?' It's critical. It sets the tone. I mean, how many great movies can you recall that didn't have an identifiable soundtrack with it? To this day, every time I hear 'Danger Zone,' I'm thinking back to 'Top Gun,' the first one. It's such an important part of a character."

Bischoff said that he doesn't know why Hart didn't have identifiable theme music in WCW. While the pair have had their differences throughout the years — Bischoff previously called Hart "whiny" — back then, he was still hopeful that they could have a positive relationship and that things would work out well for Hart in the promotion.

What's more, Bischoff believes that theme music is essential for building stars. Without it, the fans can instantly identify them and react accordingly. "There's just no question about it. It changes things. There's nobody that's a major star in the sport today that doesn't have identifiable music."

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