AEW's Bryan Danielson Agreed To Wrestle In Mexico Before Breaking His Arm, Per Konnan

Bryan Danielson will bring his full-time run to an end within the next year due to a promise he made to his children. However, the "American Dragon" still has plenty that he wants to achieve, but that might not just be restricted to an AEW ring. While he might have admitted that the idea of doing the G1 Climax would be irresponsible, that doesn't mean appearing in Mexico is off the table.

"I talked to Bryan because we brought him once a long time ago, maybe 12 years ago," Konnan said on "Keepin' It 100." "I saw him in AEW and I asked him if he wanted to do something in Mexico and he said yeah, I brought up a couple of people."

Unfortunately for Konnan, the timing of his conversation with the "American Dragon" came at a bad time as the AEW star fractured his forearm just a couple of weeks after. Of course, this put him on the shelf for a while, with plans to compete internationally obviously put on the backburner. However, that doesn't mean that Konnan is ruling out the possibility of Danielson turning up in the future.

"So, we never talked," he said about the injury. "So, I gotta talk to him again."

AEW and AAA do have a working relationship with the likes of QT Marshall and the Lucha Brothers being booked regularly by Konnan; therefore it is unlikely Tony Khan would prevent Danielson from wrestling for the Mexican promotion. However, whether or not Danielson actually competes for the Mexican promotion remains to be seen.  

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